Monday, 26 January 2015  
Oil prices turn positive as OPEC sec gen calls bottom to market

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices turned positive on Monday, erasing early losses after the Secretary-General of the OPEC producer group said he expected the market to bottom out around current levels.

Endlessly Slapped by Obamacare

Justin Haskins, New York Post
"I’m sorry sir," the polite customer-service agent said. "There’s nothing I can do. You’re either going to have to enroll in Medicaid or you’re going to have to pay the full health-insurance rate.""The rate you quoted earlier?" I asked. "That’s nearly 30 percent higher than my current insurance bill, I just can’t afford it.""You’ll have to pay the full rate, yes," the agent replied.


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Art Project Allows You To See What People Across The Globe Are Pirating In Real Time

The Pirate Cinema is designed to be something of an art installation. The concept is pretty simple, a process looks for the world's most popular torrents, and intercepts traffic going from its source to its destination. Because torrents are peer-to-peer a seeder (the source) might be in Israel while the leecher (the destination) may be in Mexico. The process uses torrent trackers to grab chunks of torrents and display them through a video stream.


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